The KidLit Lab's Manuscript Masterclass returns summer 2024.

This masterclass is your one-stop shop to get your dream of writing a children's picture book out of your head and onto the page.

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    Laura Wifler

    Award-winning, bestselling children's book author

    Hi! I'm Laura, your new KidLit Coach.

    I'm a bestselling, award-winning children's book author, and I love KidLit. I've been writing stories ever since I can remember and childhood-me would be giddy knowing I grew up to be a children's book author. Today, I'm a mom to three (My own personal book reviewers!) and I have the privilege of helping aspiring and future authors like you with their children's books. It's my goal to see more high-quality literature for kids hit the shelves—together, we can make books kids will want to read again.

    The KidLit Manuscript Masterclass is the only one of its kind. You'll...

    • Understand the requirements, standards, and best practices for Christian KidLit
    • Know how to research and vet a topic idea so you can be as true and accurate as possible
    • Learn techniques for editing and polishing your draft
    • Have go-to strategies for when the draft isn't working
    • Know what it looks like to find and work with an illustrator
    • Discover clarity on what to do with your manuscript once it's complete
    • Receive encouragement on what it looks like to write for God's glory and steward your gifts faithfully